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of people were hoping for romney. but a lot of people thought that obama was not going to lose this election. so i mean as investors you sort of have to build that into your calculations. when you're looking at things. but now we're going have to get back to business. there's dodd frank. there's the fiscal cliff. all that trouble in europe, starting to throw fire bombs. it is serious business. now we have to think about it. we have to go back to work. what happened happened with the election, let's now go. liz: exactly, what happened happened let's now go. crude oil now falling 4 1/2%, more than $4 at this point. natural gas down, rbob gasoline losing 10 cents. good for the consumer. but why is anybody surprised especially when we have a stronger dollar? >> yesterday, we were up over $3 yesterday. going forward with the election and thing tas are going on in -- things that are going on in europe, like bobby had said, everybody kind of thought at least down here in my circles we were hoping for a romney win and kind of now obama was going to take it. as far as the oil market, i will look more
minutes of the obama presidency in 2009 when the market rolled off almost 15% which turned out to be the capitulation phase in 2008, was a disaster two or three months and until the tone change in washington, we did not get any help. melissa: we had the word israel killed military leader. there was video from the air, so looking at oil if it higher. are we not? >> it was kind of strange because earlier in the day, the market did not move. and all of a sudden we rallied based on that move. i heard something else about the pipeline, we were up on that news. going forward, kind of fold your hands and say wait until the end of the year to get an idea of where it would go. i think the high today was 87.06 or thereabouts. i think the market is going to kind of find its way around $85. liz: oil down 12, 13% year to date, but equally as interested in today and the news out of the federal reserve minutes that may see cuti q. east four. >> do not have that much reaction in equities, but certainly the bond has not been sharing the risk mentality. up pretty much all day. basically they now
deal and the buyers poured in. president obama took the mic about 19 minutes later the market hesitating at that point, the president said he wanted to get things done by christmas. and then the federal reserve look, it did not dim the hopes of the bulls. they talk about the economy standing at a measured pace with moderate consumer spending. optimistic and moderate to words they relate. the true standout today. costco with the one-time dividend taking the stock to new highs today. this has been a really beaten-down name up sharply, and coach is looking pretty fashionable as well. look at gold colored one point it was down $35, it is losing some of the shine, oil taking a hit down to a one-week low, budget concerns on crude, and we will see right now what is going on with gold. let's see what they make of the midday reversal. closing higher, just one big year. this unique group and the nymex, this is pretty significant, isn't it? the politicians would open their mouth and the market rallies, that never happens. >> this is really a pretty good rally when you consider where we c
leaders exiting from a meeting with president obama today told the media that you know what, what action a little bit of a headway in discussions to deal with the impending fiscal cliff and it was republicans who said that. but the energy sector never really moved on that. one of the worst performers giving us the best indicator even though it is down just a couple of pennies. the complex is behaving like this, oil moving higher today on tensions along the gaza strip continuing to build cost and supply risk. up a full percentage point. natural gas jumping 2.33%, colder weather, perhaps that has something to do with it. so we have the worrisome headlines over israel. also out of washington, d.c., a little bit of positivity. what have traders got to do with all of this, are they short, neutral? let's ask three superstar traders at the cme group and the nymex. notice i did not stay long because i figured knowing you you would probably not be long but what are you doing going to this weekend? >> a lot of people after the leaders of both parties were very optimist we talking about possibility
say president obama got everything he wanted, we avoided the fiscal cliff, he got his big tax increases, this economy still faces tremendous head winds because he wants to raise taxes to pay for -- on dividends, he wants to raise capital gains taxes to pay for obama care. there's a lot of stuff that's coming down that's hitting this country in the next year. i will tell you, if i were the average guy out there, i would watch fox business every day to make sure they kept up-to-date on this, because it's going to hit the pocketbook of everybody in a major way unless of course, you know, you're just collecting stamps from the government. if you are not, if you are in the private sector, this is a huge thing for you. how are you invest toments going to get -- how are your investments going to get hit? how is your pocketbook going to get hit? i think there will be a fiscal cliff compromise. we're talk action tremendous head winds for an economy that's only growing 2%. liz: people will start behaving differently. they will revert to what they did back during the beginning of the fin
will continue to follow the story for you. >>> president obama is meeting with labor leaders and ceos this week to discuss a solution for the impending fiscal cliff. so if the country avoids that cliff, how do you profit from it? internal optimist keith banks, president at u.s. trust joins me now in a fox business exclusive with several sector ideas that you think are maybe turning around now, going to turn around, you are really watching the sectors overall >> we are. our focus is obviously first of all on the broad based markets. you know, we provide asset allocation strategies for our clients, so we're trying to get the stock bond part of that right. but we're optimistic. i mean it is going to be volatile. but we don't subscribe to, the you know, the doomsday scenario that's out there by some people. cheryl: you are telling your clients they can get paid to wait. >> right. >> so you're telling them to sit still, maybe not make any moves. a lot of sectors, depending on where they were, moved on the presidential election. >> look, the market is going to be choppy. there's not going to be a cle
. the market practically hugging every word that comes out of washington whether it is president obama making comments, speaker john boehner, harry reid, the market tanks and any signs of disagreement. don't fret, next guest is here to tell you about how to behave in this atmosphere in a way he believes will make you money. joining me now in a fox business should listen. what are you teaching your employees, your traders, what are you telling them to do right now? >> you have to be communicating with your clients, you cannot trade this as an individual trader. you have to be prepared there is a decline, what will happen if congress recesses without a bridge to get us over the fiscal cliff the market will go down precipitously perhaps 1000 points and it will be the markets way to say let's come back, you made the mistake like they did four years ago. tracy: the market dropped 1000 points or what have you, get in? >> to be a generational buying opportunity. this is based on congressional ineptitude. the fact is the economy has a tail wind, the market is fundamentally attracted, the valuations a
,700 but now that obama has four more years to try to figure out this mess and the fiscal click coming you are seeing something back in the gold market and we are $20 today which under normal circumstances would to excite me that much but trading around this area, possibly on the cusp of head over $1,800 in a short period of time. liz: what about silver contract? >>> silver on love. it has been heavily higher, it is a good level of support, the net level of resistance is $35 which could be obviously a blank like $1,800 in gold. the next couple weeks we will test it again and see how that plays out with the fiscal coin. cheryl: thank you, appreciate it. they were lined up around the block at the iconic macy's herald square. to take advantage of today's black friday deals. terry lundgren was there to help shoppers with any questions, big or small littoral year earlier, had a chance to talk about the impact of superstorm sandy on macy's bottom-line and a personal toll it took on his employees. >> we have 200 stores closed for three days at the beginning of the month of the november period. ve
as effeminate less than a quarter million dollars per year. if president obama gets his way and keeps rates as they are for many% of the population, they won't be impacted by the rates going up. cheryl: you like high yield investments. high yielding stocks. an etf you're recommending to us. do you think high yield does not equate a good choice as far as the stock goes? >> if you're getting high yield, that is a higher strategy. if you're owning several hundred companies inside of an etf with the high yield, that is a different proposition. cheryl: an etf, do you have a specific etf you like that you are geared towards right now? we will get more specific than that. >> we don't recommend one specific one but the advisors have been looking at higher-yielding part of the market. looking at u.s. large-cap, quality portfolios with yields north of where the s&p is. if you can pay 3%, that is terrific for treasuries only paying about 1.6. cheryl: it seems small businesses, small cap kind of a bias against them right now. >> typically they be better coming out of recession or when there is demand.
obama about business and about what you do? >> well, a number of things. you know, first of all, move more quickly in healthcare towards pay for value. i think that in the end is extremely important as opposed to pay for procedure, for the overall health of healthcare and matching the cost and value of healthcare. the second area is really the one i touched upon, get tax reform done, help us with maybe some form of territorial tax and help us with income that's generated outside the u.s. liz: are you optimistic about business in america? >> i am. i think there are opportunitieses in the u.s. i think well need to get through some immediate challenges, agree on a path forward, but there's lots of opportunity here in healthcare, specifically, and we intend to participate in it. it's still a nation with a lot of innovation, a lot of expertise in technology, and i think if we can use it right, not only can we help healthcare here, but we can also participate in end markets around the world. liz: omar ishrak is the chairman and ceo of medtronics while he was talking up another two thirds of
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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